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Jessica's Friday Five: Free up digital storage space, a playlist for you, and dinner with friends

Published 27 days ago • 3 min read

Hi Reader,

I had dinner and drinks with some great friends last night - we used to work together years ago - and it was such a joy. Is there a group of people you wish you could catch up with and spend some in-person time with soon? Pause right now and send a text to get the ball rollling: "Hey - it would be so fun to see all of you. Could we find a night to grab dinner next month?" You will be so glad you did.

Let's get to your Friday Five!

  1. Freeing up Google storage space: I get asked often about managing digital storage in workshops I teach about getting organized at work and home. I recently found this great post from Zapier on the topic for those of us using Google tools (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Photos, etc.). I find that so often, people have just a handful of very large files that, once deleted or moved, solve the problem quickly. If you are constantly running up against your storage limits, you'll find this so helpful.
  2. Outschool for kids: If you have kids in your life who have some particular interests you want to support, or you're looking for something to keep them learning this summer, we have been enjoying Outschool. When my kids were younger, they took drawing and LEGO classes. These days, my daughter does a class about fantasy/sci-fi writing every weekend, and my son just signed up for an NFL trivia class. You can use my link to get the first class for free (it's a $20 credit, more than enough for a single class in just about every case). They also have private tutoring and summer classes - so much fun stuff.
  3. Repeating your life, as is: Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live your current life on repeat? Would this idea fill you with joy or dread? This thought experiment that I saw recently is a powerful tool for reflection. It challenges us to think about our current path and actions: What would you change in your life to feel excited about living it on repeat? Who do you need to become to feel good about it? What self-limiting beliefs or negative attitudes need to go? If you’re feeling introspective, grab a blank page and ponder these questions. You might discover some meaningful changes.
  4. Appreciation activity for work: I was working on a retreat agenda for a client, and one of the priorities during the time together with the team was improving staff morale. I decided to do one of my favorite activities - I like to call it a "round of appreciation". I thought it'd be fun to make an accompanying playlist, so I'm sharing the playlist + idea here in case you'd like to do this activity with your own team. Here's how it works: each person on your team writes their name in the center of a piece of paper. Sit in a circle or rectangle. Pass your paper to the right. Play a song while writing a note of appreciation to the person whose name is on the paper. When the song ends, pass the paper to the right. Repeat until you get your own paper back. If there are more than 6 or so team members, you might just play the first 90 seconds of each song and then move to the next song. Enjoy!
  5. Jetlag is a choice: I went to the UK for work last fall from where I live on the West Coast of the US, and I was truly amazed at how well I was able to avoid jetlag using Flykitt. I just bought a refill because my family and I are flying internationally next month and I'm eager to have the same results again. It's a set of tools (like dark glasses, supplements) as well as an app that gives you a personalized plan for when to eat, when to wear the glasses, when to take the supplements, when to try to sleep, when to drink some caffeine, etc. to feel your best. If you've got any travel traversing 4+ time zones coming up, I highly recommend this kit. I asked them for a code and they gave me one - JESSICA gets you 10% off when you're checking out if you've got a trip coming up!

Have a great weekend. I'm glad you're here in this Friday Five community. More tips coming next week, as always!


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